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Ready to get glowing? I mean going!

Start your individualized program today and see yourself in the healthy life you want to live.

Ready to get glowing? I mean going!

Start your individualized program today and see yourself in the healthy life you want to live.


Meet Elizabeth

Mom, pilates expert, mind-body connection & movement trainer.

Elizabeth Ordway’s Movement Method is known to sculpt long lean lines, creating a dancer physique and a body that moves as beautifully as it looks.

Over the past two decades I have worked with my private clients developing a Pilates based method to achieve optimal results. My goal for my clients is to not only look their best but feel and BE their best self.

My method and philosophy are based on sculpting the body by refining movement. Every workout and exercise is tailored to each client, strengthening and balancing his or her body to move with greater precision. I have found by deepening the connection to the way you move, you will feel more open and energized, and will achieve the physique you desire.

Through her coaching, workshops, DVDs and articles Elizabeth helps her clients live their most healthy & beautiful life.

  • Certified Classical Pilates Instructor
  • Certified Reiki Practitioner
  • Certificate in Franklin Method of Movement
  • Certificate in Yamuna Body Rolling Technique
  • Certificate in Gyrotonic Method

Targeted Toning

The Secret To Sculpting

I address movement efficiency, releasing blockages, tension and toxins while increasing range of motion, building graceful strength and stimulating energy pathways. The secret is working on an energetic level, calming overworked muscles that grab and white knuckle, while opening up space and pathways to waking up and connect to the muscles we want to strengthen and sculpt. With this, digestion and metabolism also increase as well as the body’s ability to flush fat.

Every session, is not just a “workout” but time to facilitate breakthroughs. Time to move out any negative or sluggish energy and bring in glowing vitality. The key is knowing the sweet spots – what resonates and makes a difference. The changes I guide in movement are not “hard” and often times subtle – but the breakthroughs bring on dramatic and lasting results.
Group ClasseS

community class

Great way to get introduced to the community and program. Schedule varies per month.

pilates parties

Created during Covid. A fun virtual bonding experience for friends and family to get together and do something special for their health and wellbeing.


Pilates for Pregnancy, Pilates for Men, Pilates for ALL stages of life, Pilates to go, creating your own practice, Family Pilates, working out with your kids.


Personalized virtual class training and access to videos to do on your own time. COMING SOON.
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